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I will be leading three workshops at the Stretch festival in Berlin at the end of this month.

Thursday 29th October 22:00 A meditation on penetration
Within a jointly created space, take as much privacy as you need to meet an imaginary partner. This could be a real life lover, an ally from the spiritual realm or something much more amorphous like Universal Love, Strength or Eros. You could also choose to work with something from the shadow realm to take inside and process. Within your boundaries explore being penetrated and yielding control. Toys and fingers are also welcome.

Saturday 31st  October 16:00 BodyFlow a taster
BodyFlow is a full body massage created by Andy Saich, normally given and received unclothed and including genital touch. However it is not an erotic massage as such. The emphasis is on acceptance, nurturing, appreciation and holding rather than on erotic arousal. This taster session will include an overview of the massage and its particular way of holding space and maintaining boundaries, after which we will learn and practice some of the floor based positions.

Sunday 1st November 13:00 What is Erotic or Sexual Energy?
What do we mean when we talk about sexual or erotic energy? What is the difference between this and other types of energy? Where does it reside and how can we work with it? After creating a joint working space and a brief spoken introduction this will be a practical session where we will each explore these questions using our own bodies as our laboratories and sharing our results to inspire further discoveries.

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All times are CET, Berlin time and the entire festival  is online. For tickets Click Here

SOUL of SKIN programme BodyFlow at the Village Berlin November 7th and 8th
On the 7th
and 8th of November I have the great pleasure of teaching BodyFlow massage.

Ever wanted to learn massage techniques to share with your lovers, friends or clients without the need of a table?

This weekend will give you the tools to touch with confidence, creativity and intuition using BodyFlow massage, a technique created by Andy Saich. We will teach positions, posture and techniques of touch, specific to floor massage, that make both the giving and receiving of the massage relaxing and enjoyable.

This massage incorporates sliding, kneading, effleurage and holding into one seamless flow using hands, arms, legs and the whole body as massage ‘tools’. It includes some close body contact creating a strong sense of connection, care and trust.

BodyFlow is not an erotic massage as such. The emphasis is on acceptance, nurturing, appreciation and holding rather than on erotic arousal. However there will be an invitation for the massage to be both given and received unclothed and also for the genitals to be included. The intention of this is to create a space where the person receiving feels accepted in their entirety without the message that their sexuality, symbolized by their genitals, needs to be treated separately or excluded. Thus BodyFlow becomes a unique space where the one receiving is invited to connect with their sexuality in a witnessed and held space but with no expectation other than for them to feel into and experience whatever feelings, fears or ideas they have about their nature as a sexual being and integrate them into their understanding of themselves as a whole.

Please note: the BodyFlow massage is done on a floor mattress that demands a certain level of flexibility and fitness. Therefore, in order to participate you will need to be in good health and be able to sit comfortably cross legged with both your hands free to massage for up to 20-30 minutes at a time.